zaterdag 29 december 2012


Every hero needs a sidekick so coherent to the story I made the first step into creating that character.
It is a she, her name is Kathy.
It went really well this day for a change.
I am going through the same process like before alone this time I know how to get Sh!t done!
So that's a first.

With no further a do here is the head I made.
I modeled the head plain in cinema, no zbrushing or whatever kind of sculpting this time, displacements are not good for my heads.
But than again I uv'd the hair in zbrush, works fast and nice.
Than I textured it in bodypaint.
So I've been busy for one day and I am happy with this so far.
There will be tweaks and whatnot but yeah, I love it.
The hair is always tricky but you've got to stick to it, be patient and experiment.
Tomorrow I will start with her outfit.
Till then...

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