zondag 24 februari 2013

Kathy rigging

So back to rigging, I used the advanced biped setup to rig the character, there are some things in there
I don't know what they are there for but eventually I will find out.
Sooo rigging went ok and weighting was also setup fast so that was cool.
This character was easy cuz the model is quite thin in the contrary of Timmy.
Soo now I can animate her, yeay..

maandag 11 februari 2013

Final look

So I was busy doing the dynamic thingy, that was soooo irritating, c4d has not one nice workflow for this so I found one myself and that works kinda but will only get me so far as the first problem will appear.
I used hair dynamics and spline wrapped a model of the balls en strings to it.
This is the short version, a lot of settings etc, not worth mentioning, helllll!

But I am really happy with the look of my character, it took a lot of time but hey I got time.
Soooo this is her, done!
Probably there will be some minor tweaks but that is normal.
Next up will be the tedious task of cleaning up and start rigging, ow I hate rigging.

zondag 10 februari 2013

new shoes

So I had my first turntable rendered last night, it has some flaws but hey it is a work in progress.

So I was watching my model up close and personal and I had to clean up and improve some texturing and modeling of the shoes, so I did, tada!

And one total shot

Tomorrow I will go for the dynamics again, I must find a nice way to let the little balls connected to the hat jiggle in a natural way and naturally collide with the hair/model etc, pfuuuuh, not so nice.


zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Make it perfect

This weekend I am planning to make the final adjustments to the look of Kathy.
I am still tweaking some details etc.

Also I found a way to limit the amount of hair motion when animating.
This is very cool, you can paint in the weights for the hair to be influenced by gravity and motion.
Awesome and glad to have that hurdle out of the way.


And this is a still of the model so far.
More to come...

zondag 3 februari 2013

Kathy update

It has been a while, I was busy doing some renders for the company I work for and that took some work and effort to make it work.
But now I have rebuild the face of Kathy, I wasn't happy with her face so face off and start over.
Next week I will have tons of time to finish her off so this is what I have so far.
There are naturally some things to fix but yeah I know.
It is in progress but she looks better.

On to the next one.