zaterdag 11 maart 2017

almost full

Last time I made a post I was halfway there and now I am almost done...
And so far I am content with the result. I've come to the conclusion that I am at 80 percent of the awesomeness of most of the shots, some are better than others fcuz.
Every iteration makes it better so I think that when I have concluded the first complete draft it is still some work in the animation dept left, but that is ok

So what else did I do, well I redesigned the cabin in the woods, it is a horror short so there has to be a cabin in the woods, I had an rough idea so I made it look nice and there is still some work left but it goes nice with what I wanted it to be.

Also a part of the movie is a frozen moment where story lines are explained. For one why a frozen moment, well if I think about past events they are always frozen, it is a still not a movie clip that why and it works great for explaining some things. I had this shot for over 3 years in my head figuring out how to do it but I went in and it came together nicely so I am really happy with that being resolved.

Another thing I figured out was how to get decent snow on my forester plugin trees by 3d quackers.
It has a build in snow generator but that just didn't cut it detail wise so I used the mesher of x-particles which will give more control over metaballs than the built in version. That worked out great and I am super happy with that cuz I saw a great pack of 3d stock trees with snow for 150 dollars but they are to heavy geometry wise so this will do great.

Another thing I am wondering about as it comes closer every week is what to do with the rendering..
I want to use octane but I think I have to invest some more in an extra rig or something, I think I wait first and see how long the eventual shots take on 1 or 2 cards in my main rig. And then I will decide..

I will need another 2 months to finish this first draft to my hearts content so here is a still of the frozen moment..spoilerrr