zaterdag 30 december 2017

next up


It is the time of the year that I have roughly 8 days to spend on Timmy. The past months I was super busy with some freelance work and another short movie. This short movie is a real filmed thingy and the edit is finished now. I still have to write some voice-overs for it and some additional shooting will take place in January. That will go smoothly I guess, also I have to finish some visual effects shots for it. I thought when we decided to do the short movie that it would not take so long as it did now.
But hey, that's how we learn. But the good thing is that I did something I never really had the courage to do someday. I always wanted to do shorts in my heart but after doing it it has given me so much knowledge and drive to do lots more.
Buuuut I have to get with the program and decided that I would do another one after WKTB is finished. Sooo I have do go deep and finish this thing. I have another week to work on it since it is vacation time and that is my favorite time of the year:D I wanted to do some more animation these last days but I am kinda happy with how the animation looks right now. I think I just have to go and make all the shots nice with more detail and textures etc and start rendering the damn thing.
My animation skills are not the best but I have done my best to get it as far as I could on pure feeling. I have the animation bible but I don't want to read it and follow everything in there. It is not advisable but hey I am a stubborn man and I have to invent the wheel my own way. It is not the way to go but I wanted it to be my thing on my terms. So the end result will not be pixar quality but a quality I will be happy with.

So from now on the fun begins and it is all about look and feel:D

I will dump some screenshots here when I have some.
Oh yeah some render news, at work we are trying cycles, I really like that in combo with x-particles and the settings are kinda sweet. Nevertheless I will render my short with octane still, I am curious how redshift will do the job so perhaps I will do a shootout between the 2, everything that works faster is better I guess since I have about 11 minutes of animation to render.
Oh yeah, love the x-particles update, those guys know what we love and I am glad they came up with cycles and made that available for us c4d users and get some nice results out of that.

Thats it, lets get to work.