maandag 13 oktober 2014

character character fix

I had a bit time last weekend so I made some screenshots of what I was doing.
First of all, I love the new interaction tag c4d 16 has come up with.

After seeing the introduction of the tag we where like omg this is a bit to late but awesome.
So I went on with the facial rig but there was something wrong with the main bone, it was twisted so I was thinking should I fix this all or try the interaction tag.

The second it was fcuz and I was looking at the tutorial of Chris Schmidt( and copied some of the expresso in my setup and it was kinda working.
A lot of trial and error with hooking up the posemorphs with expresso but eventually it worked out.
I modelled a bunch of poses and connected them and it works great.

You can assign a posemorph to a selection of the model.
And when you move your cursor it measures the distance traveled and maps that to a resulting percentage of the posemorph.

I realy love the fact that I could do it, I am by all means not a technical guy and I struggle with everything.

I used the sculpt tools to enhance and position my facial expressions.
Those work great.
I also love the fact that it is not destructive, you don't have to weight nothing, you can keep adding poses and alter as you see fit.
I will make an animation soon but for now some stills I made.
These are more of the model, I redid the painting of the face again.
My new workflow is this, I texture it in photoshop/bodypaint in standard c4d texture/shader mode.
Then I save the texture and it updates the texture that I use in my vray scene.

There are some minor things to be done but I am almost ready to start animating with this character.
See you soon!