zondag 24 november 2013

village again

Well I am back to the old village again, after making some new houses.
I made a handful of new ones and did no texturing yet.
I thought it was easier to get a sense of things without being busy for a year or so with just texturing.
Now I can take my houses and put them where I want and render a draft quickly.
So now I am making a look for the village and there are still some houses to be made but that will come all very soon.

Now I am struggling again with some vray issues for the fog, it works ok but transparant cards still give it a hard time..
So Stefan is looking into it.

It all comes together about now and I hope to have some time next week to finish the global look of how everything sits in the scene..

zondag 10 november 2013

house_01 update

Sooo I was making a nice light setup to get one setup working for all my future houses.
So every house I will build from now on has the same lighting and therefore I will be able to get make the look uniform.

I added some detail to house_01, still some work left such as snow and some stuff that resides in the rooms.
It is always more work than I expected but with my lightsetup and distibuted rendering I am making a lot of renders fast, so that works great!

A lot of time goes into finding good textures and mapping them on the models.
But getting to know all the new vray stuff  is also a bitch.

Sooo a few stills!

zondag 3 november 2013


Sooo I will be creating some houses over the next few months.
I made them before but the quality was not good enough so I will create better detailed ones.
It will take a crap load of time but it will look good!
Soo, I am bussy with the first one.

Still a lot to do but I will take my time.