dinsdag 17 december 2013

Forest point 1

Soooo, I was hoping to post some more since I had a good amount of time to spend last weekend.
But crashes and workflow etc kept me from making the progress I wanted.
I decided to look for some snow covered tree models since I was not feeling like it to model those as well.
So I bought them at a archviz site, it was a good deal 120 euro's for 100 models and 55 of them covered with snow and that is what I need.
Sooo now it was time to put those puppies in the scene and I can say one thing, it sucks balls.
It will soon get out of hand so you have to plan carefully what you want to see and block the scene simply out.

Now I am making some forest setups which follow my story so I will elaborate on that more if I get further.
For the moment some first wips.

zaterdag 14 december 2013

the mill

In my story there is also a mill involved, you could have seen that a while back, there is a thread about that here somewhere.
But now I am creating an environment around it that complements my story and that is my intention for this weekend, make the world outside of the village.
So here is a wip of the mill.
Tomorrow there will be more.

zondag 1 december 2013

Village in the rough

Soooo my girlfriend was away for the weekend and that ment none stop working on my project right here.
Upped my macbook pro with 4 extra gigs to flow better and got a dvi to mini display converter to hook up my old 23 inch screen to my Imac.
My goal was to have my village done by sunday and guess what, I think it is done.
It is still rough but it will do, I put things in the scene as I had them in mind following the story.

For the clay look I used an HDRI and a directional light.
It renders about 4 to 7 minutes for HD with Distrubuted rendering.
I also had setup a fog but that increases my render times even more, I must think what I will do about that.

Also I used some 3D tree models to give it a bit more 3d feel instead of using cards, it renders a bit slower but it is worth it.
Also I found out that when I use cards and blend some 3D trees in to mix it up it will work much better, still there are some things that are giving it away but for BG stuff it will suffice without a doubt.

I kept my geometry low and the file is showing no severe lag, I also used a lot of instances, that is very important.
Now I can work with the scene, get my shots right and add all the detail I need.
Still there is another scene I have to make and that is a forest scene, that will probably be a problem but hey.
Sooo I will work on that one soon, but first some holidays will occur and possibly some jobs on the side so as good as I worked this weekend as slow it will go the next few weeks until x-mass perhaps:D

And now some stills!