zondag 30 april 2017


Hey there,

I thought lets put an update on here, it has been a while fcuz.
So good newsss by the way, I got engaged last week..we where in Italy for a short vacation and I phaaped the question! After almost 14 years it is about time to seal the deal so to speak.

But that aside I am working hard on my short fcuz and I am taking care of the flythrough.
It is a 2.0 version, I rendered it with octane on direct lighting settings.
The pathtracing option was to noisy for me and for a quick satisfying fix I was content with the first option. In post this fast moving camera shot can be tweaked to my hearts content.
And with that a screenshot is added fcuz.

So as many people hear and read and try to figure out what renderer to use I am also constantly struggling with that question. As you can read in the beginning of this blog I bought vray with the promise of having an ipr.. that came after 4 years or so and I was frustrated by the amount of issues I got myself into. So I completely abandoned vray, worst 700 euro's ever spend. And now recently all these renders came out and I am so interested but also in a big project like I am working on I can spend my time better that to do so.
What I decided was that a mega high end realistic look was not necessary and that my main thing was having access to a GI renderer without flickering in animation without hassle. Octane got my attention and also Arnold. I really like the super tight integration of Arnold and C4D but I have to be realistic that I can't afford to have this complete short rendered on a renderfarm..that is gonna cost a lot.

So Since Octane is really fast but has fcuz the issue that if the gpu is full like I have now, I have a 780ti with 3GB and that is a nice card but 3 gigs is not ok so I ordered a titan with 11 gigs and I hope I can insert that beast in my machine. And if needed I will buy a second computer with 2 more cards and that must be sufficient and that is more than I can afford with a wedding coming up:D

So like that greyscalegorilla dude says Arnold is da shit it is true but I cant afford to render everything on there so Octane even with its limitations is logically the only choice I have so far and perhaps redshift will be great who knows but shots are looking nice and feedback is ok so I am happy with this option for now.

Also I am doing some cloudshot, I probably try to do that with arnold but we will see. I checked a tutorial on Entagma, it has lots of Houdini tutorials and I think my brain can't handle Houdini I followed along with them just to make a nice cloud..and that cloud I will scatter to my hearts content to create a nice cloudscape before the flight through continues with the stuff in the screenshot above.

Due to the limited space for now on my graphics card I had to break the flight through up in 4 pieces and that will work nicely..sooo back to it, next up is animation of Timmy entering the room to get the ball of doom:D