zondag 7 juli 2013

last months busyness

Sooooo, it has been a while.
I was making some extra cash so I had to put my project to the side for a while.
I made some 2d after fx animations that where fun but exhausting to put together, I had a tight deadline so I had some 14 hour workdays, not so cool but it was worth it.
Here are some shots.

So after that I had time again, still some jobs coming up but not as tight as this one, perhaps I have another 3 of those in the pipeline but I'll hear about it soon.

So back to the project, beuhhhh, not making the progress I was hoping for, I decided to texture timmy correctly, it all takes to long and I am jumping all over the place and the weather is also good for once soooo not making miles.

But yeah, I will make it work eventually.
I have got a small render of Timmy just to be bussy.
I am not happy with the rig but I don't want to do it all over again so still doubting on that.
The rig is not that bad but I would love someone to look at it and correct the things I did wrong.

Soooo I will post random things I guess, also every thing I do drains the computer of power so it all gets really slow and such, things don't work nice, aaaah technology has to catch up.
Also it would be cool if the new macpro would be even more awesome with graphic cards etc.
So perhaps I will get that machine one day.