zondag 1 maart 2020


2 months since my last post. A lot has been done to the project since then.
When you work so long on the same passion project I find it quite hard to let go of shots until they are livable with. Everything in this project I do from the gut and don't stop until my inner demon is pleased.
This project is no means the ideal project or how it should be done in a professional way. That was clear very early. And I would do so many things differently now but yeah people learn.

What a thing is that pops sometimes in my mind is that people often say, you don't have to invent the wheel twice. And I am all for it but I think in many things it is necessary to find your own way in the struggle. I could learn about animation and about camera work but I wanted to do what feels good, what makes sense to me instead of walking in the same steps as others. As tempting and probably wisely would be the better thing to do. But I think that struggle makes your own style pop up.
And I am grateful that I made it this far. I never thought that something that started so small would occupy my thoughts and time for so many thousands of hours.
I love every minute of staying in that fantasy where Timmy resides and think about what would be possible if this could turn into a full length movie etc. Who knows but I love the atmosphere and the darkness it comes with. It always has appealed to me and to make something like this is a great experience and I am proud in what it has become.
It will never be Pixar but it will be mine. No meddling from others and no clients with a complete disregard for style/logic to tell me otherwise.
I found out that I want to make movies for the rest of my life and love the process of creating something out of nothing. I am gonna do that for sure and I have 4 ideas lying there to make but time is not my friend in that regard and so is reality. I have to work for a living and I love my work if the work is challenging and it often is. But man what I would give to do this for the rest of my life.

But yeah back to the status of the project. It is kinda done but I am making tweaks to shots I am not 100% happy with and that must rerender etc but I think I will be finished on those last tweaks within 2 months.
Marvey the sound-magician will be doing all the audio work and that is gonna be the next biiiig thing that takes up a vast amount of time. That sometimes bugs me. I am very grateful for him to help me but I can't wait and am to exited to see where it goes. So that eagerness is not a good quality right now.

When I look back at the beginnings of the project I think damn how could I ever find my first designs cool...they look like shit. It is so strange to me that I am learning so much about the shape and design of things. It is like I watched a film about dinosaurs when I was little. It was clunky stop motion and ugly as fuck but then it was so freaking good and real.

And I have made a cool poster design which I will post in the near future. It is already done and I am happy with it so good times!