vrijdag 29 januari 2016

kickin it

Sooo, that's a long time ago since I posted something here.
There where some jobs that took my time and some personal issues.
Went on vacation to Thailand with my girlfriend and finishing up on another short and did some work for a new freelance collective I am part of.
So all those things are almost finished up and I can't wait to dive back into the WKTB world.

That being said doesn't mean I did not do anything...
There are some things that happened since then for example I was not happy with the deformations happening in the face of Timmy when animating so I downloaded some sort of a correct edge flowed head and sculpted it back to a new version of Timmy.
It made a huge difference and I added some more forehead so that I have more room for the eyebrows and give him more character and facial expression.
That worked out great and I used posemorphs for it all, I no longer use the interaction tag for the animation, it sounds great and I really thought that it was the holy grail but for this type of animation I was not getting the fast results that ordinary posemorphs gave me.
Also I made the eyelids move when the eyes are pointing to left or right, it makes it more fleshy and it adds some realism to it.

This is the new face of this little bad boy and I only lit it really fast and it is just the basic texturing.

Talking about rendering.
Since I hate the fact that Vray is slow as hell with development I bought octane render engine.
I thought why not give it a try and let's see how far that will bring me to good or great results.
Vray never was fast in the way I needed it to be.
I have a 20 core machine and I really need the instant feedback to get shit done and vray is promising us all vray RT for about 3 years now and I see some progress on that but 3 years since the first RT preview came to my light and I decided to give it a go.
I feel fucked over and therefore I will try octane for now to see if that engine gives me a better workflow.
And the first thing everyone knows when working with it is that the feedback is of the hook, love it and I can't wait to use it on the project.

So thats it for now, I am still kickin it and feel good.