zondag 8 januari 2017


Been real busy with the project lately, I have put some real hard work in it for the past weeks. Sooo I am happy to say that I am halfway animating the darn thing. Not all the animation is worth mentioning for now but it is 90 percent there and that is good enough for me for now.
I will keep on doing this amount of work for the upcoming months and hopefully I will have a first draft ready within a few months. After that I will have to make the new beginning and the middle part which is not so much an animation animation thingy but more of a camera challenge.
I am working with my new laptop(dell xps15) and am doing some research for the new beginning with the flyover. There will be a gazzilion trees in there so I am trying out octane and that works great. But it is still a long way to go like all work for this project.

But I am optimistic that it will be great!
It won't be a pixar animation but the was never my goal, it was to make my vibe come to life in an animation and that is what it will be!