dinsdag 26 maart 2013

turntable kathy

I've rendered out a turntable of Kathy
There is still some work to be done, I can't get the hair to work!!!
So that is bugging me for a while now and I did send an email to maxon to up their game on the hair simulation, it is ok for simple things but this is hell!!!
I rigged the head some more, eyelids now close super nice, I made a small xpresso slider to drive that.
Simple but it works cool.
Also I made progress with the belt, I used a cage deformer so the body could drive the deformation of the belt, works cool, not 100% physically correct but I don't mind, the characters are still cartoons.
Also I downloaded a model of a gaslamp was a free model, textured it a bit and added a flame inside.
Thats it for now, next up fixing hair, hooooowwwww???
And do the same cleanup rigging for Timmy cuz now I know how it is done kinda..

See ya

woensdag 20 maart 2013

zondag 17 maart 2013


Last week was really frustrating I had to redo the rig cuz it was focked!
The buttons of the jacket flew all over the place.
Also the posemorph tag didn't worked at that moment...

I send my file to the guy from vertexpusher and he said combine all loos objects into one and redo the weighting.
Soooo I did and it worked, don't know why but yeah it is still software.
Right now I am struggling with the hair and still don't know what to do with it exactly.
So I will keep posting about that.

Render time!
Also I had great issues with the armpit area.
So I was playing with that issue for a whole while.

I hope to finish this crap asap cuz I wanna go on with this rollercoaster!

zondag 3 maart 2013

rigging final final def final

Soooo, g@ddamn!
What the fack, damn, frustration time again.
I redid the rigging of Kathy to make it better and that worked out but everytime you think you are about to be done some other problem pops up.
Well faaaaack@&@$^!!
So that was a great weekend.
But I found out a way to connect my buttons to the surface of the jacket and that was a big problem to solve so that was my victory moment today.
So what to dooo next, fix the hair it jumps and penetrates the hat.
Facial expressions.
Fixing the last weight problems...

AAAAAAh, man what a work:(((