donderdag 26 december 2019

1 year later

Its been a while. So what is up...
Last december 2018 I made a first complete version of the short and well lets say it was good to see but a lot was lacking, foremost in the animation departement. So last year I fixed all the animation till a certain extend and now 1 year later I am happy with the outcome.
Again, animation is not my thing and is not something I intend to pursue but since this is a 1 mans quest to a 3d horror short it had to be done. So after a lot of tweaking and some last final adjustments I am almost done with all the animation.

Since that is almost out of the way I still have some other things that bothered me, some environments where not up to par and the little things so to speak are now popping up and need to be flattened out. Also I struggled a lot with the hair module in cinema, mostly the dynamic part, some hairs penetrated the face so I had to sculpt the hair different or adjust the dynamic settings a bit with a lot of trial and error to get it to work.

So what is the status. I am rendering scenes which had those little things out and then it is time to comp some more and put some effort in snow prints and little cold breath/smoke thingies to make it a bit more realistic. I have vacation for 1 more week so that is what is up next and I hope to be done with the whole thing at the end of February. By the time I get there there will probably be some other things bothering me but for now that is the target.

Marvey, I colleague of mine is gonna make the audio and music work for this master piece:D
And the self appointed deadline is in december 2020. HOHOHO, lets go

I can't wait to show it to y'all!