zondag 14 augustus 2016


Soooo it has been a while but I that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.
Recently I had some freelance jobs I had to take care of and that is almost done. One more videoclip coming up soon.
Also here is a link to a commercial I made for kidsweek.

But back to the project!!! I am still animating and that will take some more time, cuz it is a lot.
Also I am not an animator, I try to do what works and I find that the workload is a bit to big for me and to slow of a progress but I will keep on trucking. It is so friggin much. So I thing hypothetical that I will be busy for a half year to get the first run ready and than I probably have to clean everything up and that will also take enough time.. helllll

But I still believe in this thing, even so much that I wrote a bigger story than the one I am animating.
Also my idea is to make it a real thing, a movie of some sorts.
This sounds big and it is but this is what I wanted to do with it eventually so I wrote a complete story that is dark as hell and I have a friend who will help me setting this up.
It wont be easy but it will be cool to try!

Also some music is being made by Mr Marvey at work and me, just for fun, some dark tunes that will be good for the soul:D

SO busy as ever!