zondag 21 december 2014

the room_03

The last couple of days I was really getting into the animation and final tweaking of the room scene.
And since of today I am happy with how it looks.
The still posted here is from the animation so it all looks like this.

I am pretty happy with that.
I exported enough vray matte ID passes with it so I could tweak the coloring of Timmy in nuke.
Also I used a different render technique for the background than for the character, vray has some different methods for those and the bruteforce one for the character worked great without to much hassle, so I was glad for that.

It was a fun task to come up with a nice grade.
This looks cool but it will not mean this is the final grade of the movie.
That will evolve over time fcuz but for now I am happy to get something worth while.
I am really looking forward to spend some time with the project and since it is almost x-mas time I can and therefore will.
I want to finish the in house scenes and play with'm to get a feeling for the animation.
Since this is my first real animation I am eager to dive in and I love to work on the detail which you have to put in the animation it to get it to come across as believable as possible.
So more to follow soon.
Have a great x-mass!


dinsdag 16 december 2014

the room_02

I have animated my first scene incl Timmy and I am rendering it right now.
I am rendering the background separate from the foreground.
Just finding a workflow to get those scenes rendered correctly and fast.

This is a still from the first animation scene.
I am comping this in Nuke, I love the channel workflow but since fusion is free to use I will switch to that compositor.
It will take some time to get that workflow down but it is a cool piece of software for serious comping and I have used it back at filmschool so good to see it becoming available for free or the pro version for a good price.

There is a lot to be done so I will occasionally put some imagery on this blog.