dinsdag 25 maart 2014


I made it through last weekend, after pushing myself not to watch stupid yet awesome youtube vids.
The first complete version of the anamatic is done.
That is step 1 in a thousand but hey another step closer.
It was hard to find nice ways to tell the story and I am certain this will not be the last version.
Next weekend I will add music to make an atmosphere and start to delete and add shots/time/awesome camera moves etc.
So that will be fun, I am glad to have a rough sketch and now be able to view it as a whole.

After that when I think the idea comes across I will view it with some other people to get their opinion and do absolutely nothing with that:D
Noooo, it will be good to get some perspective.

Aight, closing up, see ya.


donderdag 13 maart 2014


Sooo, a week straight into the anamatic and I am still bussy:D
I am at about 4 and a half minutes so I am getting SH!T done.
It is cool to watch the anamatic as it is, I am happy with it so far.
The shots are really cool, they look super nice.

So these are some of the shots, it works super nice to watch them all in one sequence, you directly find out if it works or not.
Sooo, I have got an hour left today and tomorrow I want to get really far with it all.

Mooooore to come.

maandag 3 maart 2014

story almost done/ start anamatic

So again it has been a while, I was involved in a commercial so I had February to get shit done.
This is the end result.

Continuing, as the title displays I have rewritten a big part of my story, I wasn't completely happy with it soooo
whats new.
But this time it is quit ok, still some things to polish but I get the vibe and I am glad to get a good feeling about it.
It is dark, very dark but that is what I like for this short.
It will be slow pased and eventually take up about 8 minutes or so I guess.
Maybe a bit more..

So after the story bit I started to get my head around the way I would start with the anamatic.
I mean, the scenes and all must be named correctly and neat so that took me some time but in the long run this will definitely pay off.

So I made a scene in after effect to neat up my sjjjjit and give me a sense of where I am scene wise.

The animation is not really there, it is more a timing thing, most people would do a storyboard first but since I have my assets almost done I can do this instead, the story flow is in my head and no other people are involved so that is less communication hazard for me:D

Sooo, I have this week of so I hope to make some real progress on this.

Aight, see ya!