maandag 3 maart 2014

story almost done/ start anamatic

So again it has been a while, I was involved in a commercial so I had February to get shit done.
This is the end result.

Continuing, as the title displays I have rewritten a big part of my story, I wasn't completely happy with it soooo
whats new.
But this time it is quit ok, still some things to polish but I get the vibe and I am glad to get a good feeling about it.
It is dark, very dark but that is what I like for this short.
It will be slow pased and eventually take up about 8 minutes or so I guess.
Maybe a bit more..

So after the story bit I started to get my head around the way I would start with the anamatic.
I mean, the scenes and all must be named correctly and neat so that took me some time but in the long run this will definitely pay off.

So I made a scene in after effect to neat up my sjjjjit and give me a sense of where I am scene wise.

The animation is not really there, it is more a timing thing, most people would do a storyboard first but since I have my assets almost done I can do this instead, the story flow is in my head and no other people are involved so that is less communication hazard for me:D

Sooo, I have this week of so I hope to make some real progress on this.

Aight, see ya!

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