vrijdag 25 september 2020

My job here is done

 So here it is. The long road to finalization has ended and I am done with my part of the film. I have inserted some last scenes and polished some shots and I am happy with it how it is.

The atmosphere is there and I have captured my vision as a filmmaker in this passion project. I think I have succeeded in making a dark short horror story all started off by a dream/inspirational nightmare I had.

So as strange as it seems it is hard to say goodbye to it. One of the reasons is that this is an atmosphere short with a storyline that has an ending which could be much more that it now is but I have peace with it. This was my goal and I've made it. Would there be things I would do differently...yes!

I always said I wanted to make a horror short and not a Pixar short. I am not an animator by any stretch of the imagination. My animation is ok for the purpose I had in mind as you will see in the future.

So what's next...well Marvey is fixing the audio design and music so that will take up some more time but things look promising. I always intended the movie to be done in 2020 and for me that is true. I did not expected audio to take as long. But hey it is all freebee work so it is what it is.

Next up I will start to make some making off kinda vids for insta, little break downs that will be teased around. I have made the posters already and made a first edit for the trailer. So things are in the works.

I also made an ident for the movie and since I am already thinking off a million things to make when this is completely done I decided to make an identity for my films. So the title of my film ventures will be Darkworx. Since all things I come up with are dark in whatever shape or form. 

Here are some stills and thats all for now.