donderdag 24 juli 2014


Some small things still to fix but this sexy boy is almost ready to die:D
Check out the turntable!!!

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Rigged that puppy

Sooo, finaly I rigged Timmy again but this time I will stick with it till the end...:D
Niels, also rigged the face and he did a really good job on that so I owe him lots of thanx for that!!!
The texturing is as good as done, perhaps some minor material tweaks but that is of no concern right now.
I had set it up to render and it kept crashing.
So I did send the file to Stefan, the guy from Vray to check my file out and he fixed it, I don't know exactly what he fixed but thing work right now.

This render here is just fast lit and no global illumination or ambient occlusion are present, still it looks really nice!

So here it is.
A turntable is coming up somewhere this week.

I did a little bit of color correcting, added some depth of field and gave it a little glow.

See ya.

dinsdag 1 juli 2014

new workstation and such

So it has been a while, but fcuz not without any work done.
I bought a super high end workstation so I am good for the years to come.
It is a 20 core machine so all the render power I can afford.
For the time I have it is nice to have a machine that works fast and gives me more instant feedback.
Also I like the improvements of the new vray 1.9 a lot of speedups in texture preview etc.

A colleague of mine is working on the facial rig of timmy so that is awesome and I had setup a flyover scene with 3d tree models instead of cards, the cards where ok but still did not have the detail I was hoping for.
The scene(370 frames) took 3days to render without GI and I am really happy with it.
I included motion blur in the render since I had a testrender and revision motionblur just gave to many artifacts.

This is a still of the flyover.
This will be the last render in a long time since animation and textureing is up next.