zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

back to the village

Soo finally I had some time to catch up with my project, I was doing some abstract 3d animation in between so that had to be done first gotto pay them c4d yearly upgrades...

I was thinking about what I was going to do and since I was waiting for c4d 16, I was going for texturing the village.
Furthermore I decided that I would start the light situation of the village just before magic hour and later on as the story progresses let the darkness play its roll.
So I have got a render and it is not there yet but it is good enough to show.

So I have used my village setup and started to throw on some textures, nothing fancy, just cubic mapping, it will work not on all places so I will have to fix some things eventually.
I have to fix the windows a bit, and the placement of the trees in the back to.
My lighting setup is fairly simple, an Hdri for global light and a physical sun light for direction of light and shadows.
I use GI, I tried without but I find this one nicer and it renders faster.
Also I put some trees in it and used a multimatte to colour correct it a bit.
Some snow has been added in post, I think that is best done in post or separate, these are long render times so if an animation where to be rendered it would be shitty if one snowflake would ruin it because it would go to fast or whatever.
Also I used optical flares to give it some feel of where the sun was coming from.
This I will eventually do with an external comp tag or light and use the 3D position to feed the flares position.

Render time is between 4 and 5 minutes and I find that a good starting position.
I will fill op the rest of the houses with textures soon and I am happy to see the textures work and give it an unique look to it.