dinsdag 1 juli 2014

new workstation and such

So it has been a while, but fcuz not without any work done.
I bought a super high end workstation so I am good for the years to come.
It is a 20 core machine so all the render power I can afford.
For the time I have it is nice to have a machine that works fast and gives me more instant feedback.
Also I like the improvements of the new vray 1.9 a lot of speedups in texture preview etc.

A colleague of mine is working on the facial rig of timmy so that is awesome and I had setup a flyover scene with 3d tree models instead of cards, the cards where ok but still did not have the detail I was hoping for.
The scene(370 frames) took 3days to render without GI and I am really happy with it.
I included motion blur in the render since I had a testrender and revision motionblur just gave to many artifacts.

This is a still of the flyover.
This will be the last render in a long time since animation and textureing is up next.

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