dinsdag 26 maart 2013

turntable kathy

I've rendered out a turntable of Kathy
There is still some work to be done, I can't get the hair to work!!!
So that is bugging me for a while now and I did send an email to maxon to up their game on the hair simulation, it is ok for simple things but this is hell!!!
I rigged the head some more, eyelids now close super nice, I made a small xpresso slider to drive that.
Simple but it works cool.
Also I made progress with the belt, I used a cage deformer so the body could drive the deformation of the belt, works cool, not 100% physically correct but I don't mind, the characters are still cartoons.
Also I downloaded a model of a gaslamp was a free model, textured it a bit and added a flame inside.
Thats it for now, next up fixing hair, hooooowwwww???
And do the same cleanup rigging for Timmy cuz now I know how it is done kinda..

See ya

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