dinsdag 17 december 2013

Forest point 1

Soooo, I was hoping to post some more since I had a good amount of time to spend last weekend.
But crashes and workflow etc kept me from making the progress I wanted.
I decided to look for some snow covered tree models since I was not feeling like it to model those as well.
So I bought them at a archviz site, it was a good deal 120 euro's for 100 models and 55 of them covered with snow and that is what I need.
Sooo now it was time to put those puppies in the scene and I can say one thing, it sucks balls.
It will soon get out of hand so you have to plan carefully what you want to see and block the scene simply out.

Now I am making some forest setups which follow my story so I will elaborate on that more if I get further.
For the moment some first wips.

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