zondag 5 januari 2014


Last christmassssss, whohohooo...
Well those bells sounded a while agoohoho but yeah, happy new year and what not to all of you.
I had an immense amount of free time which I fcuz did not use completely to my advantage but hey, I rested, watched a lot of movies and got fatter with all those nice meals:D
Sooo back to the program.
I mainly worked on getting my scenes ready to previz.
And that is almost done sooo I guess another month or so and I will be ready to previz this hell.

Also whenever I go to sleep and wake up I always walk through the story in my head and since I was/am not completely happy about certain things I am getting closer every day.
I am making the story and not only the part I will be showing in the short.
There will be something what happens before and after and that also makes the story viable.
But sometimes I doubt about things you will not know when the story will be told.

But yeah, time enough, I have enough work to do before I get into this drama...
These are all things I can fix, the main story line and flow of it stay the same.

So back to what I was doing, making things ready to roll previz wise.
Most of my scenes are done and are waiting to be used but there are some scenes like some forest scenes that I have to make.
Today I made a first step into that.
These are not to big of files unlike the village, that one is the biggest to date.
I also made a transition between the village and forest, soooo when going out of the village it just flows on.

I also worked on my mill scene, still not getting there but it is ready for previz.

Lighting is also a lot of finding out, I have an HDRI and let that one influence the fog and I have a directional light as moonlight, slightly and the lightposts are area lights>>object lighting.
Sooo that can take a huge amount of time tweaking and I am still not happy.
What I do like is the brownish look, I did not like to have it all blue, it is to obvious.
And this will perhaps give it some more unique feel.

 What to do next, what not fcuz, a shitload...
But slowly I am getting there.

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