woensdag 17 april 2013


Well, I was sick of problem solving so I decided to make some eye candy to feed myself with some positivity and get back in the awesome vibe.
So I did, I am making a flythrough it is the 2nd scene of the short so why not already make it.
It was still enough work to make it but the end result is nice.
There are some things to fix and it is a renderhog but it will be awesome!!!
This scene starts as a look through a keyhole or crack in the door, next up are clouds, allready made and looking awesome.
After that you move through the clouds, diving into the deep end and end up in fog and move through this over sea, lighthouse shines into the camera, camera goes up just before the cliff and continues through the trees.
After that I will end up eventually in the village.
But that is something for another time.
I will not post any animations perhaps a preview but not the final!
That is for the end result:D

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