zondag 26 mei 2013

hottdamn trees

Oooooh, frustration time!!!
I was going for the flythrough and extend it out to the village, well that did not happen this weekend.
Seriously, I have cards which I use for trees and now all of a sudden the thing crashes like 50 times this weekend.
I have mailed jack of surfacespread to take a look at the scene and find out if it could possible be a ram issue.
I have 8gb ram, perhaps not enough so I will learn more later I guess.
It fucked up my whole weekend, aaaaaaaah!!!
I hate it when not moving forward, sucks balls.
Also I was not happy with the look of the terrain, so I looked into the terrain shader, it is kinda cool.
And seriously I think that that will do for my scene
To let you know what I want it to look like is something like this.
I slapped the render and a sky together in Nuke.
I want my ride to go through a foggy piece of woods and than the fog lifts and in the distance is a ray of moonlight that shines onto the village.

Etc etc...
I guess that is for next week;(

See ya.

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