zondag 7 februari 2016

octane testing

Hey Y'all,

Since I have finished a project as of yesterday I have time to finaly some time for octane.
It is a renderer working via the gpu so all my 40 threads are sittin here doing nothin.
But the reason I bought octane is to be red in the previous blogpost.

So I have experimented a bit and I must say I like it a lot.
It has some flaws but I the almost instant feedback gives me the creative freedom I was looking for.
Also I found out some small but nice things that you bump into when working with the renderer.
Such as using the focus target, you have to switch off automatic focus, small things but nice.
I experimented a bit with the render settings to make it faster and it is fairly straight forward, nothing to hard to find out, love it!
I love it solely becuz I have to do less and make, make nice things.
So what next, I had to tweak some things in the posemorph, I had 2 xpresso tags to drive those and one to point the eyes into a target gizmo.
I used a correction deformer to close the eyelids over the eyeball accordingly and it was driven by a posemorph and that posermorph was driven by a slider in the eyegizmo, so it had a bit lag, I took the xpresso and combined them into one tag and the lag went away, nice!

So from now on I will hopefully keep this thing going on a regular base.

Some renders from octane.
Also I used a sss skin from the octane library and hooked my face texture in it and tweaked some settings to get this nice skin.

This last thing was my first test with the renderer, just to see how it worked.
I also love the dirt shader, edges can be made scratchy within no time!


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