maandag 3 oktober 2016

getting shit done

So this time it went a bit faster then I anticipated. I finished the first run of most of the animations.
It is still gonna be a hell of a job to go over them once again and clean or polish them but it is good to be in this place.
Last weekend I finished the final scene and most of the time I look at the animatic I made to use as a guide but for this scene I made some other choices and I am very happy I did. The scene is a bit of a thriller and I imagine a nice audio atmosphere with the accompanied dread to fit the vibe.

So next week I'll start with replacing the head of the old rig with the new one and start from the beginning and work my way up from there. Also there are some things that need change for example the sled, I made a better one so it has also be replaced...darn!

Also I have neglected the beginning and mid piece of the animation for now, that will shape along over time I guess. So still a lot to do but every step is one more, just one thousand more...

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