zondag 14 oktober 2012

workflow aaaaah

This weekend I spend most of the time on getting a decent workflow, so that was awesome..NOT!!!
Fucked up Friday so I was agitated like hell!!!
Yesterday I finished the head and started to get all my parts together.
I used Zbrush for a bit cuz the sculpting in C4D is still kinda slow with high resolution meshes.
So I had to figure out some stuff how to get it to work correctly.

 I wanted to use posemorphs to create some kind of facial animation and with the low resolution model it wouldn't work.
So since the head is apart from the rest I crancked the resolution up for an extra subdivision.
And now I can paint in the deformations for the facial postures.
That will come another day..

So after exporting my base mesh into Zbrush I added the higher detail and got it back as a displacement map and textured those in bodypaint.
 I used a lot of my previously made textures to get the look I had but enhanced some details to make it a bit better.

Now I have to figure out how to replace the rigged model with these new parts, pfffffff, well, lots of bumps in the road but I will kill it eventually.


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