zondag 28 oktober 2012


Sooooo, I've been busy doing some work on the side for some cold hard cash!!
Also I've been doing some tracking for another fun project.
Some tests involving head replacing etc..
I'll post some on the blog if I am content with it.
It is a work in progress so that will take a while.

Now back to the project.
I've wrapped up my model, I am quit happy with it and probably I will never be 100% content I decided to move to the next step.

It took me a long time to get a workflow and now I have one I guess.
Sooo that is a lesson well learned.
Now it is back to the rigging/weighting and hopefully it will end in a great rig!

But now the dilemma, RENDERING!!!
I am orienting and looking at different render engines and I have to make a decision to chose 1!!!
It is really hard cuz every one has its benefits and cons.

-Vray is a nice renderer but it has a steep learning curve, I get some of it but still not everything.
It also has some strange workflows and crashes quit a lot.

-Maxwell render, superior image quality and easy to set up the lighting but rendering is a real pain in the...
I've rendered out a quick test for my character and a good clean render will take about 40 minutes per frame....
This is not the final character but almost.
I find the maxwell materials a bit anoying apposed to vray, vrays textures can work together with the c4d material workflow and that is a big advantage.

The reason why I have to make a choice is materials, I have to texture everything in vray or maxwell materials and that is key!


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