zondag 4 november 2012

Riggggggg'n stuff

This weekend I have build the rig and added some ok weight painting.
I am still not completely aware of what what is in this
part if the process of creating a character.
But I think I am getting there.
I am happy with the look so forward from here.
I will have to make adjustements to the rig without a doubt
but I am feeling progress and thats good to have.

Also have I decided to render it in vray.
Time/limited controll/texture workflow and than some.

Love the materials in Vray now lets hope to make it work.
I am figuring out how to get zbrush displacement maps into
Vray for c4d, this is again something I have to get into..

I am sometimes a bit anoyed to reinvent the wheel all the time.
It is time consuming crap that will eventually through
time and technology be reduced to redundant.
But yeah keeping the faith here.

No render today, I am still figuring that displacement crap out, so hold tight.
More to come...


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