zaterdag 8 december 2012


So it has been a while, a had a little vacation time with the girlfriend so not much time was available for my project right here.
But now I have a day or 2 to make some progress.

Yesterday I was busy doing the trees for my little village, I have a nice collection of high end 3d trees and use them on the snow surface to get that in the forest look I want so bad, but now I can go close and personal with those high end trees.
What I first did was making trees out of cards with alpha, rotated them 3 times to use as 1 tree.
Well that got me quite far but in vray that alpha is a render hog.
And when I got to close it was ugly, soooo.

I rendered a short sequence out and the rendertimes were relatively ok, about 7 min for a 1280 frame.
I let that run and looked at the vray forum for a nice workflow for camera animations.
It works quite good so I am really glad this works.
But now I have some small flickering lights and its not a GI problem but pixelsize is what gets this going.
I am not sure how to fix that but I will ask around in the fora or so.

Here is a still of the village.
I ran it through nuke to look like this.

And now on to the next one!

Oh and another one from downtown 4 bells village!
Quick and dirty but yeah, got the vibe right there.

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