zaterdag 22 december 2012

walk cycle

Sooo, that has been a while, always busy but not always something cool comes from it.
But last week I made the walkcycle for my character, I checked some tutorials and the result is really ok for me.
I am still struggling with the rig, I am not a rigger but whatever, I'll see how far this boy brings me.
Still some work to be done, but a great start up point I think.
Right arm is a bit wonky and the feet are a bit to linear on lift.

I animated an Xref so the original model can be modified and reused.
Very convenient.

I've copied some render settings from the Vray forum to work with animations and that worked out really great!
No flickering whatsoever.
It took to long to render but hey, I want my sh!t to look awesome:D

There was another problem, I wanted to use a noise in my specular channel but somehow the model deforms the noise and it looked f@cked up.
I did remove it and it still looks ok, but I wanted to have some wear and tear on the leather material of the character.
Well something to look at another time.

I think it is now time to get that face working.
Some facial expressions and jaw dropping perhaps.
Have a great X-mass and a happy new year.


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