zondag 4 augustus 2013

what up?

Hey there, it has been a while sooo how about an update:D
After being bussy with building assets etc I was thinking hey what about the story.
It was not yet finished, I know how it will look etc, I have figured that all out but I was not happy with the story so I decided not to sit behind the computer until I would find a satisfying end and plot.
Soooo after 2 weeks of thinking and beating myself with a stick I have something that I can work with.
I simply could not take it to the next level without a finished storyline.
So now I can and the next thing what I am gonna do is make an anamatic of it all.
It will take loads of time but only than I will see if it all works.
So no texturing and so forth, I must look at the essentials not worrying to much about stuff, just make a harsh version to go play with.

Sooo that is what I am doing.
I have some extra jobs coming up soon so they will interfere but hey gotta make money:D
Also I am wondering about eventually buying the new macpro if it ever will be affordable.
I have some concerns about the specs but we will see in due time.

Also the will be a new version of Cinema4D, it has some interesting features but nothing earth shattering, on the other hand there will be a new version of vray in september somewhere, I am really looking forward to that, all nice multipass etc.

Soooo see ya soon.


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