zondag 18 augustus 2013

work work work

Soooo busy at work at redrum I mean and those on the side projects of me are also time consuming as hell.
But it pays the bills:D
I did a character for a company, not certain of what they do but hey I am the middle man.
So this is it:
I am really happy with the result, it took some time to set it up but it all worked really well.
The weighting etc all went smoothly for once.
And I was excited to animate the little man.
I never did such a thing for a while and not so elaborately as now.
I used IK for the legs and FK for the arms, that worked really well.
For selecting things fast I made a visual selector and I am happy with how it goes.
There are a few things I have to figure out but it is useable and that is my goal.

Timmy Benson is getting some time this week.
I am fixing some camera movements of the flythrough to the indoorshot and using all kinds of things such as the time track in cinema and the morph camera tag.
The time track to smooth the linear camera move I made over a spline and the morph camera tag to morph between the constrained spline camera into the indoor camera.

Sooo I will be busy with that I guess.
One more week until my vacation... finally.

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