zaterdag 1 september 2012


Good news, I have always used Cinema4d for my animations but never had the chance to purchase it.
Well, I have bought it now with a little help from a sponsor.
Back in the days I had a 2 day course C4d at Enyacad(Rotterdam)
Nicoline, the women who taught me a thing or 2 also is a reseller of C4d, so we came to an understanding which means I get a phat discount :D
Love it, so make sure to check her site at:

So if you are looking for some personal or group courses go to the site and get the info you need!

I always want to pay for software and I think that if you can you should!
So yeay, that one is in the pocket.

And now back to the project, after making the hall the entrance is next.
It took some time to set it up, but I am close to a satisfying result.
I have used some stock models and some free ones from the net to complete my room so thats that.
Without my intentions I am feeling the Anton Pieck vibe I was talking about earlier.

So here it is, it is still in progress but I wanted to share this with y'all!

If it is done I'll post the final!

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