zondag 23 september 2012


Weekend, well yeah but still struggling to make time for my project.
Our new dog is claiming much time and she is a bit sick so poor poor doggy.

Back to the project.
I am getting the hang of uv layout slowly but surely.
It is quite elaborate so it takes some time to get used to.
But I get the idea and find my way through the interface quite well.

I am rebuilding the main character and taking care the edge loops and topology are ace.
That will take some time and comments from friends before I take that to the next level.

So I was playing with the new sculpting tools in C4d, they are very awesome and just what I need to
carve in the fine detail after the modeling.
But still I have some problems when I tested it from C4d to uvlayout, got some nice uv's and
started sculpting from there.
It was especially at the edges where the mesh got a bit to deformed.
So that will take some research to solve.

Still loving them sculpting options, it is not super slick if you have a high polycount but hey,
it aint zbrush, but 3 yeahs for the ease of use.
Exactly what I need for this project.

I will post some detailed imagery if I solved the problem of the edges.

Till then, be afraid..
There are monsters under the bed.......

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