donderdag 20 september 2012

Uv man!

Well I am getting into another piece of software to generate clean
uvmaps for my character etc.
For y'all who do not know what I am talking about I'll explain it a bit.
A 3d model is built out of polygons, if you want to paint on the model we
need to have a flat 2d representation of  the model.
This is called a uvmap.
In the process of making a model the uv's can get mixed up like crazy.
To lay them out perfectly so you can understand what it is you need a uv layout
kind of program.
In this program you can flatten out these mixed up uv's and get a clean representation
of the 3d model in 2d.

I've had the program on the shelve for some time
but was freaked out by the brilliantly hideous interface.
I know it is probably the best piece of software to get the job done so
tomorrow I'll dive into it to get sh!t done!

More to come!

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