zondag 30 september 2012


Soooo busy doing the head, I made a new head and spend a lot of time creating it and making it look like the original one.
So that being done I enhanced the model and made some eyelids, these are part of the mesh and will eventually be rigged.
When that was done I took some time to look at subsurface scattering and tried to find a look to match his skin.
That worked out really well so I am stoked with that.
And at last but not the least I was thinking about the hair, I first made it as a whole in 1 mesh but
since I am upgrading it all I found a way to use the hair module and get away with a good look.
It is not final but I am almost getting the look I wanted.

I call it quits for the weekend, I have made some nice progress and I am happy with where it is going.
More to come soon!!!

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