woensdag 19 september 2012

Cinema4d v 14

I've got my c4d 14 last week so after installing it and setting up my preferences/shortcuts/interface/plugins I am ready to roll.
I've decided to buy this version cuz of a couple of reasons.

1st sculpting, I love zbrush but hate the interface/workflow and since I am not doing major character design this will suffice for me.
I just love the c4d sculpting interface, it is very easy and self explanatory.
This tool will definitely be something I will be using on the project to make some nice folds, clothes, dirt and details etc.
What the catch is with this nice technique is that it has to have good uv coördinates, and that is also a thing I have to wrap my head around.

Integration with Nuke, since this is a long project I wanted to fix the post in nuke, I love the program, it looks so cool and I love node based workflows.

Anyhoo, c4d has new integration with nuke...well noooo, not really, the thing I am craving for since a year or 3 is correct camera exchange from c4d to nuke, it goes via fbx format.
This format contains keyframed animation of obj's and camera's.
For some reason c4d camera's always flip in nuke, it is a known problem and I find this very sad.
They boast with the nuke exchange but when push comes to shove it doesn't work quite yet.
I hope they pull some code strings in the near future so that I can do my compositing in nuke.

This weekend I will do some character work I guess.
It is time to invest major hours into the correct setup of my character, not really looking forward to the shitload of hurdles but it has to be done.
And it will be done!!!

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